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About R&J

About The Company

The History of R&J Control


  • 1974: R & J Control Power starts as a Sales Rep. company that provided the Sales and Support of Emergency Generator Systems. One man – One phone… The journey begins.

  • 1975 – 1982: Owner and sole employee, Bob Berry works to make his Katolight dealership a success. Riding the highs and lows of the current economy, he is able to support his young family including his devoted wife and two young boys.

  • 1983: Bob receives a phone call from a previous customer to see if he could repair a piece of equipment that wasn’t working properly. Having been on the design team of this transfer switch, he was confident that he would be able to find the problem. Shortly after this repair, the R&J Service Department was born.

  • 1983: Moving out… R&J moves to an office/warehouse in Fairfield, NJ. This leap was able to be completed because of the promise from a customer to sub-lease square footage for two years. This new facility allowed for the expansion of the Service Department to one employee. Essentially this doubled the R&J workforce.

  • 1985: R&J takes advantage of the current economic climate, and purchases a piece of Commercial/Residential property in Parsippany, NJ. This will now be the “Corporate Headquarters” of the newly incorporated R & J Control Inc. Having survived it’s first few employee hire procedures, R & J hires a young man (Matt) to be the new “Service Department”. We are proud to state that this individual is still with R&J, and currently runs the 12-man Service Team that it is today.

  • 1987-1992: Those two young boys that were children when this venture started, are now coming of age and begin to contribute to the Sales and Service aspects of R&J. Due to the constant efforts of Owner and Sons, the R&J customer base begins to grow. The service department now boasts 3 technicians, which includes Matt as a working foreman. R & J was able to purchase a bank repossessed cargo van from a local bank as it’s first “nearly new” service van.

  • 1993: Despite the thought that we would never outgrow the house from which R&J was headquartered, we did… R&J was fortunate to find a piece of commercial real estate that was a lease/purchase in Dover, NJ. With a great deal of effort, all employees were taken off the road to facilitate moving the offices and service department from Parsippany to Dover. It was these years that pushed R&J to grow to its’ current position. Specializing in the Service & Maintenance of Standby Power Systems is now synonymous with R & J Control Inc. Adding more customers and employees, becomes the driving force for owner and two sons.

  • 1999: What once had a very limited audience, has now moved to the center stage because of a little event affectionately known as Y2K. Standby Generator Systems have taken on a whole new meaning once the nation was faced with the idea that the “grid” could turn OFF after 12/31/1999 at midnight. Even though we were confident that the transition into the new Millennium would be seamless, we still provided all of the service and rentals that our customers required in the weeks prior.
    This new era, also spawned the residential generator market for R&J. With everyone preparing for Y2K, the demand for home standby systems grew at an amazing rate. We still offer a full compliment of Home Standby Systems for the retail and wholesale market. We also offer a full compliment of maintenance and service on all home systems regardless of brand.

  • 2003: August 14th NORTH EAST BLACK-OUT. 3:45 pm as R & J finished up a routine work day the power flickered in the offices at our Dover facility. In the minutes that followed the phones began to ring and our technicians were dispatched to service calls as they were triaged by our dispatchers. The office and service department worked through the night until things were stabilized the next day. This one event was a huge turning point in our industry. All that equipment that was purchased in preparation for Y2K, was put to the test – almost 4 years later. We all got a good sense of the fragility of our national infrastructure, and service became a paramount concern.

  • 2004 – Present: Serving our customers is priority #1, and is the unwavering ideal that has been passed down from our founder and CEO Robert Berry Sr.

  • 2009: R & J launches the patent pending GEN+ monitor and remote monitoring system. In light of current restrictions and guide lines, we are proud to offer this new system to all of our customers. (See separate page for more info)

  • 2010: After experiencing some of the most difficult financial times in recent history, R&J continues to emerge stronger, smarter and more committed to the Power System Industry than ever. 2010 is the year that R&J will change the face of Generator Maintenance as we know it. Follow the tab for GEN+ to learn more.

  • 2011: August was one of the worst Hurricanes to hit NJ and the northeast in recent history. Our staff worked tirelessly to keep up with the high demand for service, rentals and new installations. Just as things began to settle down, NJ was hit, yet again, with the infamous Halloween snowstorm. Normally, a wet snow isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s a little different when the leaves re still on the trees. NJ suffered a second major hit to the utility lines and R&J managed to assist our customers through these trying times.

  • 2012: October Frankenstorm.

  • 2013: Hurricane Sandy.



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R&J Control, New Jersey

R&J Control is a proven leader in generator service located in Dover, New Jersey (NJ) in Morris County. We serve the New York (NY) Metro Area. as well as Essex, Union, Hudson, and Bergen Counties. Please contact us as a trusted source for all of your generator needs or stop by and see us at our store in Dover.

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