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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my generator really need to be serviced? I hardly use it…
All the more reason to have it looked at by a professional. Although warranty issues are rare, it is important to identify them in a timely fashion to give you full coverage. A common cause of failure is rodent nesting. Lack of use makes this even more likely to occur.

I’ll have it checked after my warranty runs out…
A simple, routine service visit can prevent a costly service bill for no reason. Most importantly, we want your system to work flawlessly when you need it most.

How do you schedule my service visits?
Once your service agreement is in place, your account will be inputed into our system. One week prior to your scheduled service month, your work order will be generated, and our staff will call you to schedule at your convenience.

Do I need to be present for my service visit?
It isn’t necessary for you to be present to perform a majority of the service, but to receive a thorough system check, it would be beneficial if you were. Typically, customers use his time to “refresh” their knowledge of their system and will ask questions to the Technician regarding system operation.

What should I look for between maintenance visits?
The best thing to do is pay attention to the auto-exercise of the system. As long as you hear it starting weekly or bi-weekly, then everything is in working order. Lastly, rodents can cause catastrophic damage to a generator system. It is important to monitor the generator enclosure for signs of nesting.

What is a Load Bank Test, and why should I do it?
This is s generator test that involves hooking a temporary load up to the existing generator as a way to control the amount of load applied to the generator and engine. This test accomplishes two things:

  • Is the certification the engine and generator are capable of carrying the nameplate rated output. Very often this is when you can find any shortcomings in the fuel system or cooling system.
  • As an added benefit, you will typically notice a reduction in exhaust soot for a period of time after the test.

The practice of load-banking, brings the engine exhaust to full temperature, thereby burning off any diesel residue.

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R&J Control is a proven leader in generator service located in Dover, New Jersey (NJ) in Morris County. We serve the New York (NY) Metro Area. as well as Essex, Union, Hudson, and Bergen Counties. Please contact us as a trusted source for all of your generator needs or stop by and see us at our store in Dover.

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